Pursuit of Noosehoister

Take it with a grain of...grain?

Maypop Felwort

I came too as Rhogar pulled me up from the tavern chair where I had fallen asleep after a few tall tankards of ale. The party was dispersing for the night to their respective alleys and rooms and I was left by the fire with Elric snorting softly in his sleep. I blearily remember telling him I intended to sleep right here in some warm corner, to which he snorted, dangling me by the scruff of my vest. I nodded my head slightly in agreement when he offered me the floor of his room instead, noting that the innkeeper would probably put me out in the rain if I stayed here. Elric hefted himself to his feet and followed behind as we proceeded to the stairwell at the far corner of the room. The last thing I remember as I settled my head onto Elric’s stomach was a small mouse scurrying along the edges of the wall carrying pieces of grain in his mouth. I presumed they had fallen from me as i settled in and this brought a slight smirk to my face as the last bits of consciousness left me and dreams took their place.

It was morning now and I crouched on the roof of the tavern reflecting on the activities of the night before. Through the window below me I could just barely see Elric’s tail twitching as he investigated the room with his snout. I could also hear the groaning of the small bed as Rhogar tried for the hundredth time to find a comfortable position that would fit the entire frame of his dragon born body. That would not happen I was sure. The night had not gone as I had expected. In truth though I really did not know what to expect when I had called them all here. The strange things that have been happening around me these past months made me realize that this was a problem far bigger than me.

The reunion was full of anticipation and we were all a little of edge. Glinda especially seemed tight lipped upon arrival, but I attributed that to the fact that she clearly had stepped in mud when entering. The information and documents I had found did nothing to mollify the sense of foreboding that grew within each of us. I believe that is why we reacted irrationally when the sailor Ivan swaggered up and plucked the Draconic letter from Glinda’s hands. My blood boiled a bit. I had nearly been killed by some demonic shadows and a dingy pirate. The only clue I had was the name on that paper. Perhaps we could have avoided the fight that followed but I did relish nimbly jumping away as his goon smashed his face into the table edge. Haha. Further injury was avoided however when we discovered that we were seeking information on the same man, Captain Noosehoister.

An uneasy truce was struck and we all spent the rest of the evening seeking information from various contacts we knew around the city. I didn’t have many contacts myself so I thought, “What better way then to talk to the dock hands ?”. I won’t go into detail but I ended up with a warrant for my arrest. A misunderstanding with a deck hand after making a simple inquiry, ended with a hundred pound bag of grain on top of me. Thankfully by some trick of the light or perhaps the falling rain I escaped and he thought I was a little gnome boy. I shamefully returned to the tavern itching and scratching because of the grain fibers that clung to me, and spent the remainder of the evening crouched down in a chair by the fire avoiding city guard patrols and drinking more than my share of ale with Glinda. Her flirtation skills were much appreciated in gathering information and keeping prying eyes away form me.

My eyes refocused as the poor bed below gave a resounding crack and collasped. Rhogar floundered, tangling himself further in the blankets. Elric, excited by the noise started hopping around occasionally kicking up his back legs. I sighed and straighten from my crouch. The slight drizzle became more persistent and I looked toward the docks. We are headed there to find more answers. With this rag-tag group, i’m sure something will go wrong…


Elwee rdrakely

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