Pursuit of Noosehoister

The overworld adventure continues, on water?

Thulwar Crystalfist

What I have shown you is reality. What you remember, that is the illusion.

The storm has wound down, but unfortunately our late start to the day has let Noosehoister’s men get a head start.
We decided to pursue. So we got on Ivan’s boat, which didn’t really seem sea worthy if you ask me, but I may not be the best judge since I don’t really like boats. I tend to get sea sick. I have the strength to endure such a journey nonetheless though.

As we make it out into the ocean we see them heading straight into a storm. I don’t know if it was the rager from the night past, but we perhaps foolhardily head straight into the storm hoping to catch the 3 boats.

Somehow we survive the storm, I attribute it to Glinda and I being able to determine the current even in such a squall.

I will mention Grimm, a ‘deckhand’ employed by Ivan had an impressive showing when some pirates made it aboard the ship.

As we made it out of the storm Grimm further impressed when he with the help of Rhogar and Glinda was able to create a forgery in Noosehoister’s hand.

Using this forgery we joined Noosehoisters crew. Who had begun to board a large ship being held out of the water by large stalagmites. We all made it on deck without attracting suspicion.

Well all except Maypop, who hid under a create that was being hauled up.
She then moved through a porthole into the belly of the ship. Seeing her maneuver I sent my bat Darkvision to relay any information she finds to us on the top of the ship.

So here we are now:
Most of us pretending to be a part of Noosehoister’s crew.
One scouting the danger below, since Darkvision, reports to me that the hold has quagoths in it.


Elwee ZombieOverlord

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