Pursuit of Noosehoister

Thulwar's Adventure begins

Thulwar Crystalfist

Overwold: the final frontier. These are the adventures of the wizard Thulwar. His five-year mission: to explore strange continents, to seek out new wealth and new influence, to boldly go where no svirfneblin has gone before.

Adventures Log 1:
The start of the latest mission begin with a request by a gnome ranger named Maypop. Since she has helped the Syndicate in the past. Since I was in the area I was sent as a consult.
With Maypop I was able to determine that fungus normally native to the underdark has started to appear near Brash.

Maypop did additional research and found a requisition for ships, magic weapons, and boxed shadows.. Finding this she brought called Adventures she has worked with in the past.

During her explanation she gave Glinda and Rhogar a letter to read since it was in draconic.
It was a letter for help after a Captain named NooseRaiser had lost his ship to what to me sounded like creatures from the underdark.

When the name LynchHoister a bully and his gang took the letter from the spellcaster Glinda.
Doing what was logical I tried to paralyze them all so we could retrieve the letter and move to a more private venue. This unfortunately failed an a tavern fight started. Where the big dragonborn chickened out and left his former employer to fend for herself (clearly she didn’t pay him enough)

After I proved the victor we found out that LoopedRopedPuller is a enemy of Ivan (the bully) and we set out to find out more about NeckShapedHoleLifter and the creatures that attacked his ship.

We find out that these attacks have become increasingly common in recent months, but even more interesting is that large rocks on known trade routes have been appearing causing ships to wreck.

We find what we think is where PullingNooser is preparing ships, but in doing so set the local guard looking for Maypop.
Deciding not to confront the guard we decided to wait until morning to use Glinda’s status as a noble as a way to confront the suspicious ships without fighting the guard.

Unfortunately the ships left during the night in the middle of a thunderstorm…

one guard says he saw them heading northeast.
Ivan the bully, says he has a ship to follow them…..


Elwee Elwee

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